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    Our hotel is located on the hillside of Mount Naranco, in Fitoria de Arriba, a rural area 1.5 km from the center of Oviedo, main city of the Principality of Asturias and geographical center of the region.


    Thanks to its privileged location (the geographical centre of Asturias), our clients will be able to visit any point of interest without making major trips, as well as enjoying the attractions and services offered by the city of Oviedo.

    How to get to the hotel

    • Arriving in Oviedo by car
    • Arriving in Oviedo by bus
    • Arriving in Oviedo by train
    • Arriving in Asturias by plane


    If you come to Oviedo by car it is normal to do it by highway. In this case there are only two options: they will use the north entrance or the south entrance.

     If you come on a national or secondary road These instructions can also help.

    EYE If you are going to use a browser

    We recommend that you enter the city of Oviedo as a destination, and once you have entered the city, ask for the hotel's specific address: Fitoria de Arriba 29-Oviedo.

    This is because from outside of Oviedo there are several routes to reach us, but we have found that the ones proposed by the browsers are not usually the easiest. However from within the city if they tend to propose proper routes.

    In any case, do not hesitate to contact us in any doubt or difficulty that might arise

    1. Drive towards Oviedo-Centro
    2. At the city roundabout entrance turn right and enter General Elorza Street.
    3. At the end of the street, at the roundabout near the Salesas Shopping Center (El Corte Ingles) exit to the right.
    4. Continue straight to the next roundabout. Surround it and take the second exit, there is a sign indicating Fitoia, to face Palmira Villa Street. At the end of this street turn left.
    5. At the next intersection (traffic-light), turn right. At the end of the street turn left. By this moment you will be at the Pando Avenue facing Mount Naranco. Start driving up, always straight.
    6. Ascend for 1.5 km along the main road up. There is a sign at a junction at 600m from the hotel.
    1. Travel towards Oviedo-Centro. Take the exit immediately after the CARREFOUR shopping centre (exit # 28).
    2. Go through the Placita, continue straight ahead and at the traffic light turn left.
    3. Cross the Plaza Luis Ruiz de la Peña (the petrol station is on the right). Enter and continue along Calle Aureliano San Román
    4. AFTER THE FITOry SIGN turn right on Saturnino Fresno Street
    5. At the end of Saturnino Fresno turn right to focus on the road that goes up Mount Naranco: Avenida de Pando.
    6. Ascend for 1.5 km along the main road to the Hotel. There's a sign at a junction at 600m from the hotel.


    Practically all buses that arrive in the city have their final stop at the bus station, in Calle Pepe Cosmen. From the station the most comfortable option is to take a taxi. It is a relatively short trip (10-15 min) that can cost you 5-7 € (under normal conditions).


    The train station in Oviedo is at the north end of Uria Street, the main street of the city. At the station you can rent a car (see instructions for access by car) or take a taxi. It is a relatively short trip (10-15 min) that can cost you 5-7 € (under normal conditions).


    The airport of Asturias is attached to the sea, in the central area of the region. It is a few 48Km from Oviedo. All the way can be done by motorway, 45min (aprox). At the airport you can take a taxi (€50 aprox), rent a car (see instructions for access by car) or use the regular bus line to get to Oviedo (see instructions for access by bus).

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    Latitude Length
    Decimal 43.3846 -5.8430
    Gr-Min-Sec 43 º 23 ′ 4.75 ″ N 5th 50 ′ 35 ″ W
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